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Decorating a Wedding Limousine


Wedding limousine is a separate breed of limousines than the regular ones that you usually see on the Las Vegas Strip. Wedding limousines are customization and can be personalized as either a surprise to the bride and groom or can be decked out by the wedding party to make things perfect. But what sort of decorations can one do? Well to answer that and to give you tips, we have compiled a list of things that you can do to personalize your limousine.

We suggest that you get the permission of either the limo service or the ones who booked the limo before making any sort of decoration or alteration to the limo, as they may end up paying for the cleaning and removal of decorations.


  1. Window Paint

It is quite simple and also quite a popular form of decoration. The window can be painted with temporary colours, while the body of the limo can be used as a surface to spell out “Just Married”. With an abundance of creativity, the limits are endless.

  1. Polaroid

Think about this; the bride and groom get into the limo and around the interior walls of the limo are pictures of the wedding. They would be pleasantly surprised by the initiative, and it will be quite low on cost and effort as well. So if you are limo decoration planners are tumbling around due to the booze, this can be a one man’s job to pull it off and ensure that they get a personalise limousine to take them to their location.

  1. Gift Basket

This is not exactly a customization that you do to the limousine. But one that is like an added feature to the limousine to surprise the unsuspecting couple. The gift basket is one of the easiest ways to surprise the bride and groom and ensure that they don’t have to put in any effort to clean up or remove anything from the rented limousine.

There are a number of different things that people come up with, and we would love to hear what you did with your rented wedding limousine in the comment section below. We are going to depart, but before we do, we’d like to thank you for all the constant support and love that you have shown us. We promise to bring you more content that we think you will love, if you have any suggestion, then please do comment in the section below.

Things to know about limousine service


The limousine is one of the most pimped out rides to travel in. The best part about the limousine is that it has stood the test of time and has associated itself with classiness. Although before you book this luxury medium of transportation, we suggest that you go over some of the basics. After a busy morning getting your hair done, applying skincare and makeup, putting on your dress and then the fabulous limo ride to the church. It’s important to know a little about your limousine service to make the best of the day ahead. Here’s some thing you should know.


  1. Location

Location is going to be your number one friend. When you call up a company, make sure to get all the details. And when we say all the details, we are talking about the fine details that most limo companies will look past and give you juicy offers and what not. Most limo companies will charge you for the cost it took the limo to reach your place and back. But if a limo company for some reason is not charging you that cost, then know that something is up. They might charge you extra later on, so our solution is to ask them to give you all the details regarding the bill including extra location based costs upfront.

  1. Total Amount

Most limo companies will give you a breakdown of the total estimated amount that you can expect. Limo operators are quite troublesome as they offer great deals to customers, but then add on extra service cost later on or provide sub-par services to make up for the loss that they are facing by charging you a lower price upfront. We suggest that you go with someone who has proven track record of providing great service at reasonable rates. Don’t  be stingy on the costs, as a limo is as much as an investment as anything else.

  1. Type of Service

Remember that not all limo companies will service you the same way or provide the same services either. There are many niches under the broad umbrella term limousine service. Some specialize  in weddings, while others might only focus on airport pickup/drop off. It wouldn’t make sense to hire a pickup/drop limo for a wedding, would it now?

  1. Guarantee

A number of limo services out there will look to cut corners and make sure to make a quick buck instead of offering the things that they promised a customer. So before you close a deal, make sure to get a guarantee on the services that they offered. If the limo hire owner turns around and agrees to give a guarantee on the services that they offered, then grab it with both hands. Because most limo owners won’t be as kind as the gem of a service that you found.