Limousine Services frequently are part of the Narrative

Executives often have stories of interesting experiences they face as they travel abroad for business, and airport transportation and limousine services frequently are part of the narrative. Sometimes enough is enough. If you have ever had to rely on someone else to book your transportation, you have probably experienced a situation where you wish you did not have to act like a professional. Instead of jumping in that car, you wanted to cross your arms, stomp your feet, and say “I don’t want to ride in that car!” just like a three-year-old would do!

If you know what I am talking about, your story probably went something like this: you landed at your destination for your meeting, searched for your name among the chauffeurs, only to find that the individual holding your name looked like he just woke up from a long snooze. As you approach the chauffeur and indicate that you are, indeed, Mr. Jones, you wonder just what the car is going to look like. After all, a driver does not necessarily indicate anything about the vehicle. After a long flight, you are ready to sit back, relax, and be driven to your hotel so you can prepare for your presentation.

You exit the airport, notice all of the cars lined up for the various limousine services. One is a nice black sedan with shiny chrome on the wheels. Another is a small limousine which would be quite comfortable. Your heart begins to sink as you pass all of these lovely modes of transportation. At the end of the line is a dirty black sedan. It may have been a nice vehicle at one point, but now it is not. Salt from a recent snowstorm is plastered on the doors and wheels. You wonder how you will get into the vehicle without getting the white stuff on your tailored pants.

As you are contemplating this problem, your chauffeur jumps in the front seat and pops the trunk. Then he just sits there. You stand looking at your bags and the open trunk. Isn’t it the chauffeur’s job to load the bags? You struggle to load your bags while trying to keep your clothing clean as the driver waits in the car, tapping his fingers on the steering wheel. You finally get into the car, dust off your pants, and drive away, wondering why on earth someone would pay for the lousy service you have just received.

Perhaps this example is a little extreme, but the point is that business travelers often have little choice but to use whatever transportation someone has provided for them, whether or not it fits their needs. Even when you are booking your own transportation, you may know little about the company, making it difficult to book quality services.

How can you avoid this situation? Consider using a company that can book all your international transportation. These companies do the homework for you, finding the best international chauffeured services to partner with, and then providing you with the contact information of their affiliates. Instead of trying to decide between hundreds of companies, many of whom are not the levels of quality you need, you can deal with a few that have already been selected for their attention to detail and quality service. This takes much of the hassle out of choosing limousine services for your next trip.